The first stage of helping your child is to find out what are their and your concerns. We will initially speak with you over the phone to gain information about your child before meeting with you. We will also send a questionnaire, prior to assessment, to find out more information about your child’s physical development and medical history. At this stage we will be able to guide on whether physiotherapy assessment is appropriate.

Assessment Options

The most appropriate assessment option will be discussed with you. The assessment is individualised to your child’s needs and will be composed of different elements, and use different tools, depending on your child’s difficulties and your requirements of the assessment.

Full Assessment

Parent Questionnaire

Initial consultation with the Parents and Teacher (if appropriate)

Comprehensive assessment in school, and/or home

Standardised assessment to provide outcome measure or age/peer equivalent scores

Detailed report providing difficulties reasoning, strategies and recommendations

Feedback meeting to parents and school

Screening Assessment

General Assessment

Parent Questionnaire

Assessment at Home

Summary report and recommendations

Feedback meeting with the family

This is appropriate for children under 5 if you are concerned about their development. You may be anxious that your child is not gaining skills as easily as other children. The screening assessment is able to give you a clear indication if there are difficulties and provide reassurance and advice.


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