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Get Up and Go Children’s Physio helps case managers offer excellent physiotherapy packages for children throughout the North West of England and North Wales. We are specialists in physiotherapy for children with sensory and neurological difficulties and are highly qualified and experienced.

We are able to provide a wide range of assessment and treatment options for clients in the comfort of their own home or other convenient settings such as their school or a hydrotherapy pool.

We work alongside the family, carers and other healthcare professionals to provide a co-ordinated package of care, working to a shared set of goals.

We are able to offer specialist report writing as an option and have experience of working with case managers and solicitors as part the child's multi disciplinary team.

If this is something we can assist you with then please contact us or call us on 07546228695.

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Get Up and Go

Children's Physiotherapy Practice

Case Managers


We can provide courses and tailored INSET or in-house training to suit the needs of your staff and organisation. These can be on a variety of subjects such as understanding disabilities, inclusion in PE and playtimes, and specific condition information depending on your needs.

We are able to cater for the continuing professional development of staff with a range of professional and practical training courses.

We can offer specialised consultancy services for information and intervention with children with specific needs. This will be on an individual basis with strategies tailored to the specific child.